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She's Gone
August 21, 1911

The Mona Lisa disappeared on a Monday, a day when the Louvre was normally closed for cleaning.

The Next Day
August 22, 1911

It wasn't until 27 hours after the theft that Louvre employees realized the Mona Lisa was gone.  The police were summoned and that's when all hell broke loose.


The Suspects


Anyone and everyone was a suspect.  From oddballs who stared lovingly at the painting to rich greedy American collectors to foreign powers.

The Poet & the Painter

Pablo Picasso and his close friend the poet Apollinaire were both brought in for questioning.  This clip will tell you why.

The "Real" Mastermind?

In 1932, some 20 years after the crime, The Saturday Evening Post published an article that told the "real" story of the man behind the crime. And it wasn't Vincenzo Peruggia.

Celestina Peruggia's


The daughter of Vincenzo Peruggia told us why she believed her father took the painting.

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